Happy New Year!

My new year’s resolution for 2015: build at least one complete playable concertina from scratch.

Note: I didn’t mention the adjectives good or saleable, although it would be nice if I achieved those too. This may not seem very ambitious, however tied up in this task is:

  • Finish my part in the house renovation that I’m currently involved with and move back to Burnley.
  • Set up a usable workshop space in the garden shed and part of a leaky garage that is currently full of junk (I’d also like to be able to store my car in it).
  • Make and sell things to raise funds to buy more concertina-making tools and materials.
  • Design and make a lot of specialist tools and jigs.
  • Design the concertina.
  • Teach myself many new skills.
  • Make lots of mistakes and learn from them.
  • Blog about the entire process.