My name is Alex Holden and I am a full time maker of high quality traditional concertinas. I am located in Burnley in the northwest of England.

I have a background in electronics, metalwork, woodwork and software development. I drive a classic 1963 Morris Minor Traveller that I restored and maintain myself. I have a passion for traditional craft skills and good engineering. My aim is to make my living building excellent quality musical instruments that musicians will love and cherish and that will continue to provide enjoyment generations from now.

As of April 2021 I am no longer taking on new work due to the length of my waiting list.

This Post contains a bit more detail about my background and how I got to where I am today.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Alex,

    Greetings from Minnesota USA. Home of Hengel and Christy concertinas. I have two uncles that both play concertina. I wish you well. It’s nice to see someone picking up a craft that few others are doing and carrying it on.

  2. bernard mcguire

    good to know there’s more than one nut out there. finished my c/g 31 button,but used accordion reeds. Took years though.good luck.

  3. Wow! Burnley Concertina Maker – that sounds great.

    I just grabbed a book on the Anglo and am looking to buy a cheap one off Amazon to learn with, mainly just to have fun playing.

    Unfortunately for me, if your prices turn out like the decent hand-made Concertinas I’ve seen on the net, I’ll never be able to afford one with a ‘Made in Burnley’ imprint. It’s certainly a trade where good quality instruments are worth building and you’ll make enough to put bread on the table. *chuckles*

    Good luck and work well!

    1. Thanks Connor, I certainly hope so! There is a huge amount of time goes into making one. I expect to put up my prices as I become more experienced, so if you want a bargain, order early!

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