My name is Alex Holden and I am an engineer from Burnley in the northwest of England. The purpose of this site is to document my journey toward becoming a full time maker of high quality traditional handmade concertinas.

I have a background in electronics, metalwork, woodwork and software development. I drive a classic 1963 Morris Minor Traveller that I restored and maintain myself, and play folk tunes (badly) on an antique Lachenal English concertina that I have made playable and am gradually and sympathetically restoring. I have a passion for traditional craft skills and good engineering. My ultimate ambition is to make a living building excellent quality musical instruments that musicians will love and cherish and that will continue to provide enjoyment generations from now.

At the time of writing (January 2016) I am in the process of setting up my concertina-building workshop and making tools. On this blog I will be writing about tools and skills, and charting my successes and failures as I work towards building my first instrument from scratch.

This Post contains a bit more detail about my background and how I got to where I am today.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Alex,

    Greetings from Minnesota USA. Home of Hengel and Christy concertinas. I have two uncles that both play concertina. I wish you well. It’s nice to see someone picking up a craft that few others are doing and carrying it on.

  2. good to know there’s more than one nut out there. finished my c/g 31 button,but used accordion reeds. Took years though.good luck.

  3. Wow! Burnley Concertina Maker – that sounds great.

    I just grabbed a book on the Anglo and am looking to buy a cheap one off Amazon to learn with, mainly just to have fun playing.

    Unfortunately for me, if your prices turn out like the decent hand-made Concertinas I’ve seen on the net, I’ll never be able to afford one with a ‘Made in Burnley’ imprint. It’s certainly a trade where good quality instruments are worth building and you’ll make enough to put bread on the table. *chuckles*

    Good luck and work well!

    1. Thanks Connor, I certainly hope so! There is a huge amount of time goes into making one. I expect to put up my prices as I become more experienced, so if you want a bargain, order early!

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